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6 Épisodes Drama

In 1981, Domingos uses his locksmith store to illegally copy his customers’ keys. Olinda follows them and, disguised as an Avon lady, assesses the contents of their homes. Together, they engage in a series of robberies, aspiring one day to buy their dream home. On the surface, everything seems to be going well for them. They are in love and cannot live without each other. Their lives get complicated when the mysterious Orlando suggests they should rob a bank vault.


Episode 3


A trip is organized to Fatima, a place of pilgrimage, where the Pope is expected. Domingos, Olinda, Orlando and now Augusto plan to steal the alms money there. Orlando decides to invite Lùcia, who is very pious, to get closer to her.

Episode 4


Relationships are under stress. Domingos and Augusto discover that Orlando owes money.

Episode 5


Domingos and Olinda, who team up now unwillingly with the mysterious Gloria, find and want to buy urgently their dream house. Dora becomes a new member of the team, who plan to rob a train safe.

Episode 6


Olinda draws apart from Domingos after the accident that could have cost Augusto his life and becomes a partner in crime with Gloria. Olinda and Gloria convince Dora to join them to steal illegal gambling money from Joaquim.

Episode 7


Dora’s father collapses after discovering the stolen money and he is reluctant to denounce her. Orlando wants to advance the bank heist to the surprise of Augusto and Domingos. Augusto hesitates to involve Lucia because of her risky pregnancy. Orlando looks for Gloria and the money she stole.

Episode 8


Olinda learns how Gloria and Orlando met. Olinda and Domingos become increasingly suspicious of Orlando and his intentions just before the bank heist plan is put into action.