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THE SHIFT Séries 1

6 Épisodes Drama

Ella is the head of a Danish maternity ward. Just as others devote their lives to the church, she is all-consumed by her vocation as a midwife. She has no children and her lover is also her colleague. The Shift depicts the daily life of the department, a hub of activity in which staff, parents and babies intermingle against the cacophonous backdrop of giving birth. This more subtle rendering of the great medical show tradition tells the unique tale of the maternity ward, where medicine meets the astonishing magic (and pain) of birth. Sofie Gråbøl (who starred as the unforgettable inspector in The Killing) lends quiet determination to her character.


Episode 3


It’s the day of Ella’s miscarriage, but she’s badly needed in the maternity ward. Jerry tries to get closer to Ella, and Ella loses a midwife.

Episode 4


A new mother nearly died from blood loss, but who is responsible? Feeling left out, Vilhelm confronts Louise, who suddenly opens up to him.

Episode 5


Ella’s anxiety grows as Vivi is rushed to surgery. Jerry’s son pays an unannounced visit and Ella is pressured to tell the department her secret.

Episode 6


Milad reconsiders his resignation after meeting a critically ill patient. Trille is about to go wrong in childbirth, and Ella has to make a difficult decision.

Episode 7


Ella discovers new things about Jerry’s family and makes an important choice for her unborn child. A life-affirming event prompts Jacob to reach out to Tine.

Episode 8


A heavily pregnant girl without a health insurance card suddenly turns up in the maternity ward. Michael fails his ward and Ella needs all the help she can get.