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8 Épisodes Comedy, Drama

One ordinary morning at work, Elisabeth’s life is turned upside down: her husband is dead. Cruelly thrust into mourning, she must now manage the family farm and school her two tormented sons while dealing with her highly dysfunctional in-laws. But don’t judge a director by his résumé; although this first series by Philippe Falardeau (Monsieur Lahzar) and Florence Longpré is meticulously produced, it offers so much more. It is the story of a woman’s rebirth just as it is an account of the difficulties faced by South American workers trying to integrate into Canadian farms. It is a joyful ode to the fragile lightness of existence, to the farces behind every drama, and to life in general.


Episode 3


Gustavo, a new worker, arrives in the country under strange circumstances; this is his very first visit to Quebec; far from his family and distrustful of so many strangers, he will need Francisco to face the culture shock.

Episode 4


The Conley family celebrates Peggy’s birthday and tries to regain some semblance of normalcy; everyone is suspicious of Elizabeth and her new role on the farm; Elizabeth does her best to get to know the seasonal workers.

Episode 5


Emilio sees his summer take a new turn: he will have to face the unknown; Martha feels a slight guilt, but maintains firmly her decision; the precipitous departure of Emilio spreads the commotion among the workers.

Episode 6


The workers are inconvenienced by a breakdown of Internet; the inconvenience is of size for Luis, who absolutely must join his wife; Elisabeth overwhelmed, mandates a Junior annoyed to lend them a hand.

Episode 7


A breakdown in the workers’ house forces them to relocate; this incongruous situation provokes a rare moment of confidence between Elisabeth and Francisco and will not fail to enrage Martha.

Episode 8


Emilio’s departure puts the Conleys in a bind and the family will have to answer many questions about his disappearance from the farm; Francisco must make the painful announcement to the workers.

Episode 9


Maureen can’t believe her eyes: she thinks she’s finally found the relationship of her dreams; her heart flutters for this mysterious traveler; Rachel, her sister’s protector, is far from fluttering at this new relationship.

Episode 10


Elisabeth finally understands the truth about her husband; armed with courage and beautiful speeches, Mr. Bertoli and Elisabeth will defend the farmers’ cause with the mayor; a wind of hope and change wins the hearts of the two friends.