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4 Épisodes Thriller

Roger Brown is a man of great ambition. With honed skills in fraud and smooth talking, he manages to get hired as a headhunter for a large company. He can’t hold back and decides to steal a painting masterpiece from the manager he has just hired. But nothing goes to plan, and what starts out as the trick of the century turns into a nightmare. Adapted from the novel by Jo Nesbø, which was turned into a successful film directed by Morten Tyldum in 2011, this thriller laced with a good dose of black humor is the work of the Norwegian producers of Occupied. The direction borrows as much from the darkest crime dramas as from the burlesque in propelling the storyline.


Episode 3


Roger tries to find out who wants to kill him and puts pressure on Sander, who has now taken over as CEO. Njord Oil’s former CEO is found dead and investigator Julie searches for the truth. Ove mourns his dead lover.

Episode 4


Roger is pressured from all sides. Kelly reluctantly enlists the help of her brutal brothers, while the police begin a new partnership in pursuit of the truth. Diana tips off the police that Ove is behind the art theft and Ove embarks on a personal journey of revenge.

Episode 5


Roger struggles to get away from Julie, Kelly and the brothers while trying to save his father. The postman’s dead body turns up in the lake and the mail gang gets closer and closer to Roger. Ove receives an unexpected visit from Diana.

Episode 6


Roger escapes with Diana while devising a plan to strike back at Kelly and the brothers. As Julie draws closer to Roger, Roger realises he has been betrayed by one of his closest friends.