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4 Épisodes Comedy, Drama

A car pushed into a ravine, the body of an unconscious woman, and a man who starts a fire… This is the story of a Belgian police officer who kills his wife by faking a terrible car accident. Or so it seems. In actual fact, this is the story of the victim’s lover, a French gendarme, who has worked it all out and whom nobody will believe. And so the end of the first episode takes the audience, still gasping for breath, on a completely different adventure. Featuring unexpected twists and turns and dramatic developments, this story masterfully written by the three creators of The Break makes use of tried-and-true thriller elements and transposes them to a rural community on the French-Belgian border. The highly developed characters break with all the stereotypes of the genre. What if, ultimately, they were all good people?


Episode 3


A few days before the accident. Linda has thought it over, she has a plan to get out of it…

Episode 4


The day after Linda’s funeral, while he has to give the change to his sister, Tom discovers that Pierrot, a junkie, came to report a suspicious disappearance in his police station…

Episode 5


The noose is tightening around Tom. Cathy, an insurance broker, and Stéphane, a gendarme, follow Philippe’s trail…

Episode 6


Tom, placed in custody, must answer a tight interrogation from the French gendarmes. In particular Roger, the Major of the gendarmerie, who defended him since the first night…