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7 Épisodes Comedy, Romance

Murray, a film lecturer at an Israeli art school, knows just as much about romantic comedies as she does about being unlucky in love. And spending all her Tinder dates at the bar tended by her ex isn’t the easiest way to build a relationship. When a fender-bender leads her to cross paths with a particularly unpleasant man, she pictures herself as the lead character in a great storyline and convinces herself that she’s found her soul mate. Following in the great screwball comedy tradition, this series is punctuated by colorful dialog and strong female characters who wear their ambiguities and weaknesses as badges of honor.


Episode 3


Dana’s upcoming birthday forces Murray and Lior to collaborate and spend the day together. A chance encounter with Goor at the shopping mall snowballs, and a little lie turns big.

Episode 4


Dana and Lior continue making Murray jealous. Murray revels in Goor’s jealousy but realizes that in order to be Cinderella, it’s not enough to escape from the ball.

Episode 5


Dana and Lior return from Venice with news Dana has a hard time breaking to Murray. Murray meets a celebrity and starts to believe the movie “Notting Hill” was written about her life.

Episode 6


Murray moves out of her and Dana’s bachelorette pad to live with Goor, and Lior moves in with Dana. What for a moment seems like a fairytale happy ending, turns out to be more “Thelma and Louise.”

Episode 7


Murray meets an Arab guy and starts to believe “Romeo and Juliet” was written about her present life, only to later realize it was actually written about Dana and Lior.

Episode 8


Lior returns from Australia to find a different and confused Dana. Murray decides to go all in on her script, which is her final hope. It seems nothing can go back to the way it used to be.

Episode 9


Murray and Dana are estranged. Murray finds herself filled with hope unexpectedly, whereas Dana comes to a realization as to what she needs to do and what her heart wants.